Thursday, August 26, 2010

My #1 Ed Tech Resource!

For any educator serious about incorporating technology into their curriculum, a good place to start would be with Google. Over the years I have found Google to be so much more than a search engine. Google Apps has been a major part of my classroom and will remain so into the 2010-2011 school year.

Google Docs is one of the tools I frequently use. This video provides an excellent overview of Google Docs...

Here is a video that highlights Google Sites.
I have used Google Sites to create my own class website. It was fairly easy to do. There are a number of templates to use to guide you along the process. Kelley Hartman, a high school language arts teacher, also created her class website using Google Sites. This is yet another tool that I have put to good use in my classroom...

For more information on the various tools that Google offers, go to the Google website and register for an account. All the services are free and easy to use. In future posts I will go into more detail about a few of the Google resources that I think are especially valuable to educators who wish to incorporate more technology into their classroom.